The new MacBook Pro with touch bar don’t seem to last even near 10 hours as Apple promised. The outraged customers started complaining about it on twitter to get Apple’s attention.

So today, in an effort to fix this problem Apple has released an update to curb defamation about their battery life complaints.

macbook pro

The change comes with the latest update of MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 which started rolling out yesterday. This latest update has fixed the issue of frequently inaccurate battery life and its estimates by removing the feature completely. Before this update users can click on the battery icon and check the “time remaining” estimate that shows up in the status bar. But after this update users will no longer have any estimate of about how long their MacBook battery will last, except the percentage left.

It is unclear that if Apple will add the “time remaining” indicator again or not.

Apple has been facing a lot of criticism lately. Last month they admitted that some iPhone 6 models are affected with touch glitches infamously known as the “Touch Disease”. Few weeks later Apple started replacing faulty batteries of iPhone 6 free of cost.

If this was not enough, 2 days back Microsoft said that more people are now switching from MacBook to Surface Laptops. Problems like this could ruin the sales of newer MacBook. It is a bad news for the Big Apple. It seems that Apple has been losing its thunder this year.

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