Making people laugh is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your arsenal, and we all have a lot to learn from a particular brand of sarcasm that comes from, Chandler Bing. Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, an awkward 25-year-old commitment-phobic is that role in which he is witty, spirited, cynical and full of sarcasm. Audience adored Chandler Bing so much and yeah, his jokes never get old.

Chandler Bing

Chandler unarguably was a character who had the ability to turn around any kind of situation into a hilarious scenario with his witty remarks. Chandler Bing during the show had his own perspective of handling situations and the following life lessons are molded from some of the major highlights of his dynamic personality.

1. Once you break up with your annoying boy/girlfriend, never ever go back.

People in their twenties rush themselves into deluded, desperate, and dysfunctional kind of relationships. Chandler and Janice were the perfect example of one such type. The couple was completely mismatched, didn’t like each other’s personalities at all, and always used to find a way to meet each other when they were feeling lonely.

We have relationships that we know are not pleasant for us but there isn’t really anything better at that instance. Theirs was the very best example of such relationships. You must learn from Chandler’s mistake, and split up with your Janice once and for all. Or else, you might end up seducing him/her to avoid being your neighbor 10 years later.

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2. Dance your Heart-out!

Chandler’s dance moves may not be the most graceful ones we have seen, but we sure had that visual treat watching him do so. Chandler looked so happy and had most fun dancing regardless his moves were nothing close to sexy, attractive or appealing. There is a whole Tumblr dedicated to him dancing on things! Learn this merry example of losing it your heart when the beat hits you.

3. Appreciate your looks.

On one side where Ross would spend so much time on his teeth and tan, Chandler just didn’t cared about it at all. Chandler can be seen dressing well enough for himself and the cause, but really not trying to look more stylish than he needed to in the show. Even if you look like a pretty little girl, Love your looks is what Chandler teaches us. Although you should take care of your oily T-Zone.

4. Smile with your eyes and let camera do the rest.

Chandler Bing was not at all photogenic in the show. He was really nervous for the photo-shoot of his engagement, to which he choose to make his ‘sex face’. Thereby, Chandler teaches us to be ready with a sexy pose for any occasion to deal with the shutterbugs.

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