Creativity knows no bounds and the amount of creativity applied in the fashion world is so high that it gets weird and awkward pretty quickly.

We tend to do everything in our power just to be in sync with this ever-changing generation. No wonder how instantly we adapt the trendy clothes a celebrity is seen wearing. But in this race, we forget that not everything is to be followed.

A big thanks to all those creative fashion designers who gave this world awkward fashion trends. You’ll have a clear picture after you’re done reading this article. There are some outfits that definitely belong to the museum.

We have picked the most funny and weird 25 fashion trends for you. Keep Scrolling!

1. Pinky shorts

2. Wait, that piece of cloth belongs to blanket.

3. There’s difference between ripped and distressed.

4. I have heard of grape wine, but grapes footwear…?

5. Source of inspiration for this designer must’ve been wonder woman.

6. Would you like to wear this?

7. Would you still call it a dress? I call it a stress. *sorry girls*

8. May God forgive this designer, for (s)he knows not what (s)he has done.

9. Girl looks pretty but this outfit…

10. That’s the height of one’s imagination.

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