This is the honest version of today’s world.

John Holcroft, UK based illustration artist is one of the best in the illustration business. He has completed his studies in graphic designing and uses his art to put in front everything that’s wrong with the 21st century.

Honestly, we live in a world that’s already 80% automated. With the introduction of machine learning and artificial intelligence, everything around us might just be a click/thought away. Who knows? But, beware it is rightly said that with great power comes great responsibilities, and the illustrations which you’re going to see below are going to make you realize just that.

Credits: John Holcroft

1. A political joke.

2. Societal issues and modern behavior.

3. We’ve stopped reading and our views are formed by memes on social media.

4. The confusion.

5. We put on different faces on different occasions.

6. Worldly pleasures have taken a toll on our well-being.

7. Camouflage.

8. The reality of 21st century.

9. People are not eating burgers, burgers are eating people.

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