A picture is worth thousand words and comics are not any different. You can express a great deal of thoughts using comics. Comics have been around for a really long time and they still continue to be a good source of entertainment even in this modern digital age.

You must have seen Mr. Lovenstein (J. L. Westover) comics on the Internet a lot. Mr. Lovenstein describes his comics as “Sad and pathetic, but in a funny way.” His main idea of comics come from things that normally cause us a lot of stress and pain.

“We seek laughter when we’re suffering. I like to explore that suffering and isolate what’s so damn funny about it. Why do we find cringe funny? Why do bad movies make us laugh? I also find life to be utterly absurd and you can show how absurd it is with very little effort. I steer clear of racism, sexism, and any other evil ism’s out there. There’s enough hate in the world.”

“When someone resonates with my work, it’s perhaps the single most gratifying part of creating anything,” the artist added. “It’s hard to speak for my audience, but I think they’re overall lovers of comedy. I could get all philosophical and introspective, but above all else I make jokes and people like to laugh. Maybe if you scratch below the surface, some are drawn to the tinge of sadness, the absurdism, and the utter silliness of it all.”

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There is a lot of pressure to create something new and charming on a regular basis, and being broke is one of the things that Mr. Lovenstein has to constantly fight against, but let’s hope he continues his quest, producing many more sad and pathetic (but in a funny way) stories. Scroll down to check out his other work, and if you fancy, take a look at his older comics as well.






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