We all are so dependent on Google. There is almost every possible information available online that there is no limit to learning. But people tend to search for slightly weird things. Not only men but women also are in this race of searching weird things on Google.

Every year Google, one of the most used search engine, publishes a list of the most searched things.

One such list is dedicated to what women search for when alone and is made public. And trust me, some of the things included are weird and funny to the core. Keep Scrolling!

1. Steps to lose weight easily.

Losing weight and finding ways of doing it can easily found in the search history of every other person. One of those things which everyone wants to get without hard work.

2. How to find if my boyfriend is loyal to me or not?

You’ll almost find in every women’s search history. And there are sites who write listicles on such topics are to be blamed for it. But at times, they help as well.

3. Steps to increase my social media followers.

People really want to gain fame through social media sites, be it, men or women, they search high and low on Google to know various things to gain more followers.

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4. Why are my periods late?

Periods are serious things and it is natural for women to get scared if they are late. Google search helps in this regard.

5. How can I get a unicorn?

Who doesn’t love Unicorns? This craving for a unicorn is more when it comes to women and hence, they search on Google how to get one.

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