If you talk about most addictive games, you can’t miss PUBG. It went viral in no time and now everybody is playing this game. PUBG is nowadays the most addictive game among the teens of this modern generation.

Here are 10 most interesting facts about PUBG for you.

The count of gamer who play PUBG on a daily basis is in millions and it’s a safe assumption that almost everyone has played PUBG for once at least. So let’s deep dive into this game and its subscribers.

1. Do you know how many people play PUBG worldwide?

According to the reports, almost 227 million players play PUBG on monthly basis and on a daily basis 87 million players play this game.

2. Till now how many copies of this game are sold?

According to data analysis, more than 50 million games are sold worldwide.

3. What is the percentage of PUBG mobile players in India?

I thought it will be more but it is said that 8% of PUBG players are from India and from the USA it is 11% and from China, it is 33%.

4. What is the estimated amount of money that PUBG earns from players?

You will be shocked to see but PUBG earns an estimated amount of $689,000 from player spending and that is a huge amount to be considered.

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5. How many people play PUBG on mobile on daily basis?

Almost 30 million players play PUBG daily and there are more than 200 million registered players for now on PUBG.

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