The power of social media is unimaginable and this is the reason why 2019 is already off to an interesting start. An Egg beats Kylie Jenner to become the most liked picture of Instagram, Netflix literally had to issue a warning for people participating in the Bird Box challenge, and in the most recent news, the #10YearChallenge kicked off.

If you are active on social media then you might have come across tons of posts dedicated to this social media craze – from celebrities, friends and probably the girl next door.

It is not known yet who started this but a lot of people seem to follow this trend including your favorite celebs. We think it has something to do with the Facebook old memories. But anyone can take part in this trend, you just have to use the hashtag #10YearChallenge.

We have picked some of the transformation posted by your favorite celebrities. Keep Scrolling!







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